Having recently embarked upon several business ventures into China and without the necessary language skills, I decided to learn basic level Mandarin with the help of Temple at Macquarie Mandarin.

The course is challenging but very well structured, providing basic level principles before moving on too quickly.

Temple is a great teacher with the patience required to assist total novices taking their first steps. When I’m in China, people often comment when I speak Mandarin that I must have a very good teacher! For professional or personal reasons, Macquarie Mandarin would be my recommended starting point for anyone wanting to become proficient in Mandarin.

Executive General Manager, New Channels at Metcash



While I was at university, I undertook a semester exchange in Beijing and became fascinated by Chinese language and culture. Upon my return to Australia, I wanted to build and improve on the language skills I had acquired in China and so I started studying Mandarin with Macquarie Mandarin.

I have been studying here for over a year with the same teacher, Cathy Chen, and our class has become one big family! The lessons are focused around practical topics that one would use in day-to-day life and we practise speaking, listening and reading.

I particularly enjoy the focus on speaking; we always start each lesson by discussing social topics in Mandarin, subjects like what activities we did on the weekend. Learning a language in a group is motivating and I would highly recommend Macquarie Mandarin to those who are interested in learning Mandarin in a positive, engaging and real-world environment.

Graduate engineer, Australia and New Zealand division of infrastructure consultancy group SMEC



I have been studying at Macquarie Mandarin for about six months and I am becoming more confident and proficient with each lesson.  The school is conveniently located and the lessons are very enjoyable, with a strong focus on pronunciation, grammar and sentence structure.

I expected the language to be challenging to learn, which it is, but the real surprise is how much fun it is.

Stella is an excellent teacher. She is knowledgeable and professional but most importantly she is patient. Her classes are relaxed in structure yet we still manage to cover quite a lot of material without feeling overwhelmed.

I have no hesitation in recommending this class to anyone who wants to further their skills in this amazing language and I’m looking forward to continuing my studies with Macquarie Mandarin.

Analyst, a leading global fund manager

Edward Kwok - MANDARIN LEVEL 1

Stella has been a great teacher so far. She definitely knows her material very well and the lesson and class structure has been thoughtfully taught at a reasonable pace. A very knowledgeable and wise teacher with a bright future. I highly recommend her to anyone wanting a mandarin tutor.

Edward is a digital specialist in advertising and marketing

Anastasia Magarsgaya - MANDARIN LEVEL 1

Currently studying an intensive course at Macquarie Mandarin, I can say that the school overall is really good and both teachers and management there are very helpful. I am undertaking my course with two teachers who both know their material really well and know how to make Mandarin easy to learn.

Anastasia is a marketing manager



Having a company that has Chinese employees and which also imports from Chinese suppliers, I thought it might help my business if I knew at least some basic Mandarin.  In the longer term, I am hoping this can open up more options with different Chinese manufacturers; in the shorter term, boost morale with my current employees.

Only at Level One, I have a long way to go but am surprised at what I have learnt so far.  Even my basic knowledge has met with a positive response from my Chinese staff.  I am very time poor and Temple was able to work with my schedule and let me alter my class attendance to suit my timetable.

I am very impressed with my current teacher, Lei, for her ability to identify each class member’s strengths and weaknesses and focus on these.  Our classes have been enjoyable and have kept me wanting to come each week, even with my busy schedule.  The sky’s the limit.

Director, manufacturing and importing



I recommend Macquarie Mandarin to anyone wanting to study Mandarin in Sydney. I have been a student for two years, starting in the beginners’ class.

The aspects I like most about Macquarie Mandarin are the teachers and the environment. I have had four teachers at different levels and I have found them all to be of a high calibre. The teachers are well prepared and effective at maximising student engagement. The environment in the class room is friendly and fun.

Temple also organises social and cultural activities, including Mahjong and eating various Chinese foods.

Analyst, a fund manager



Learning Chinese here is fun, the classes have the right number of students to get appropriate guidance from the teacher. It is also good to be with students who are equally enthusiastic and who want to learn the language despite it being challenging.

All in all, the warm and friendly environment in Macquarie Mandarin makes it pleasurable go to class every week to study Chinese.

Business technology officer

MAUD HOLVAST – Mandarin 1-2

My name is Maud Holvast and I’m a student at Macquarie Mandarin. I’m a beginner and follow classes on Saturdays with Stella Wang, my teacher.

I very much enjoy learning a new language and the lessons with Stella are very good. Stella makes class very interactive and makes sure all elements of learning a new language are being addressed, like, for example, talking, listening and reading. I appreciate that Stella always does a recap of the previous lesson and she also gives us the opportunity to do homework to see if we really understand what we’ve been taught. The homework also sets us up to prepare us for new topics in the coming lesson. Besides this, she will teach us about culture and music etc in a playful manner which makes class interesting and fun.

I am the APAC Sales Director for the Healthcare business in a global ICT company. For my work I have to travel all over Asia, including China. Even though I know it will take a while for me to speak fluent Mandarin, I’m keen to learn and think it will help for my engagement with my Chinese colleagues and business.

Sales Director


I have been learning Mandarin at other locations for 18 months, but have found the teaching at Macquarie Mandarin to be the most effective.  Stella has been a great teacher and her organised manner helps my understanding of the language in general.  I feel I have progressed at a much faster rate than at the other places I have attended.  I particularly like how Stella provides some cultural aspects into learning the language, it helps to give me a much more wholistic view and makes the lessons much more enjoyable!

Registered Nurse/Midwife

Nick Hume - Business Mandarin Advanced

Nick Hume - Business Mandarin Advanced

The Sydney Morning Herald recently expressed concern that there are only 800 Australians studying Chinese at universities. Many people like myself want to study Chinese but cannot enroll at university because of work commitments, so Temple’s Chinese classes are not only good value but also ideally suited for busy people.

I really enjoy the classes and recommend them to eveyone who has to do business in China.

Lawyer, a leading investment bank

Valerie Suen - Business Mandarin Advanced

Valerie Suen - Business Mandarin Advanced

After some Mandarin training at another institution, I decided it was time to challenge myself to a whole new level of learning. I also wanted to learn Mandarin in a way such that it would assist me with a career in Hong Kong. Temple’s Advanced Business course was what I had searched for. The teaching is heavily business focused. Although the content of the course is challenging, Temple is able to create a fun and paced learning environment.

I have recently secured a position in a firm in Hong Kong and I knew Macquarie Mandarin was what made the difference. The HR representatives were truly impressed with my language skills at the interview. I would like to recommend this course to anyone intending to pursue a career in China or Hong Kong.

Commerce/Law Student

Stanley Drummond – Business Mandarin Advanced

Stanley Drummond – Business Mandarin Advanced

My class is at a good level for me. Class material is made a week before, which gives me the time to study it and maximizes the value of class time.

The teacher explains the fine points in English, which is good not only for understanding them, but also remembering them.


Kelvin Mak - Business Mandarin Advanced

Kelvin Mak - Business Mandarin Advanced

I have been going to the business mandarin class for several years and found it to be a particularly practical and helpful way to learn.  Mandarin is not an easy language to learn yet Temple’s classes are both interesting and informative, discussing issues of the day in a way that allows you to develop not vocabulary and grammar in a business setting.

Analyst, a leading global investment bank


Margaret Dunk– Mandarin 1-3


You have chosen to study Mandarin, so now all your need is to choose the right school …

The “right school” for me has proven to be Macquarie Mandarin. Initially, there were several considerations: accessibility, flexibility, usefulness of material to be learnt, teachers who are native speakers – yet this was just the starting point! Working part-time as a nurse also had to be taken into consideration.

Choosing Macquarie Mandarin has worked well for me (and others). The school is located within a very short walking distance from Town Hall station. I have two classes to choose from during the week (If unable to attend one, you join the other class). Class sizes are small and inclusive. Teachers are professional, hard-working and pleasant. The Mandarin taught consists of language that you would use in daily communication. Course materials provided in the class is supported by an inexpensive textbook. Furthermore, all teachers are native speakers.

Learning Mandarin is a wonderful challenge. Macquarie Mandarin will assist you in reaching your language goals!

Continuing student

Surya Ridwan - Business Mandarin Advanced

Surya Ridwan - Business Mandarin Advanced

I have been a student of the Advanced Business class of the Macquarie Mandarin School for about 1 year. Their knowledgeable teacher with their contemporary teaching methods has improved my Mandarin level.

我已经在MACQUARIE  MANDARIN 上了一年的高等商业中文班。该学校有经验的老师使用先进的中文教法来提高我的中文水准。

IT professional


Ariel Chiu – Business Mandarin Advanced

Ariel Chiu – Business Mandarin Advanced

I have been studying in the Advanced Business Chinese class at Macquarie Mandarin for the last 3 years and honestly believe it has greatly improved my Chinese language skills in speaking, reading and grammar. The classes are a great way to learn more about not only the Chinese language but also gain a deeper understanding of Chinese culture.

The teacher is passionate and cares about each individual’s learning plus the classroom experience is magnified by being around people who share the same purpose as you.

I would definitely (and have) recommend this class to anyone who wants to learn Chinese in a friendly and fun environment.

Research manager, Allard Partners Management

Catherine Crowley-Mandarin 1-5

Catherine Crowley-Mandarin 1-5

I have been studying Mandarin for almost 2 years at Macquarie Mandarin.   I have enjoyed the classes and the challenge of learning a new language.  I am a singer and have studied French, German and Italian and as I am now singing over 10 songs in Mandarin this course is helping me understand the finer points of the language, culture and pronunciation.  I have had several different teachers over the last 2 years who have all been very helpful, friendly and professional.


Kelvin Koh-Mandarin 3-4

Kelvin Koh-Mandarin 3-4

I enrolled at Macquarie Mandarin for the first time a few months ago. I have enjoyed picking up new language skills and also interacting with my fellow classmates.

The school is a stone’s throw away from my workplace in the city and lessons are well planned and on time.

I have also benefitted from the flexibility of doing make up lessons when I am unable to attend my usual evening classes.

Stella is an amazing teacher. She is well organised, patient and diligent in her efforts to ensure that everyone in the class is learning and improving their Chinese skills.

Senior commercial analyst, Lion Pty Ltd

Katrina Diep – Mandarin 1-4

Macquarie Mandarin is a fantastic environment to learn Chinese in and is also in a great location in the CBD. The number of students in each class is the perfect balance to ensure the teacher can cater to each individual student’s needs.

Stella is a great teacher who is patient and professional and creates a very friendly and easy-going classroom environment. She will go above and beyond the course material to ensure what you learn is applicable to everyday conversations.

I would highly recommend Macquarie Mandarin for anyone who is interested in learning, as the classes are fun, interactive and engaging.

Financial analyst, Glencore

Kevin Oreo – Mandarin 1

I am currently studying Mandarin Level 1 – Beginning at Macquarie Mandarin. I’m one lesson away from completing my first term of study with our teacher Kelly Cai. I have found the classroom envionment very engaging and helpful, prior to studying with Macquarie Mandarin I was teaching myself Mandarin using audio CD’s. Attending class has made me more motivated and it is much more fun to practice language skills with other people. Kelly is an excellent teacher, who is happy to answer any questions and provides a lot of encouragement (even when our tones are bad). We have a class of 4 students and I have found that a smaller class size is great as it allows each student to have a lot of direct contact with the teacher. I would recommend Macquarie Mandarin to anyone who is thinking of starting or developing their Mandarin speaking ability.


Amanda McDonald – Mandarin 2

Starting my mandarin lessons with Macquarie Mandarin has proven to be an excellent choice.The time of the lessons was convenient given my many other commitments and the pace was perfect for someone new to the language. Our teacher, Kelly, was very patient and kind, and her strong grasp of both mandarin, in which she was a native speaker, and English, enabled her to clearly explain grammar and word meanings. Learning a language as an adult is a great challenge that will expand your mind and broaden the way you think. I highly recommend Macquarie Mandarin for language lessons.


Judith Gibson - Mandarin Advanced

At the Chinese Advanced studies at Macquarie Mandarin, I have learned a lot more than just Chinese! I have learned internet research skills, accessed Chinese blog sites and how to follow up news stories. This is a terrific course for anyone interested in working or living in China, or who is interested in Chinese economic growth and legal reforms. Thanks Temple and Macquarie Mandarin!

Judge, District Court NSW

Alex Borda - Business Mandarin Advanced

The business class is a very well organised class and the Saturday class timeslot is very convenient if you work full time. The weekly news article review is my favourite aspect of these classes, Temple’s clear explanation is much quicker and more effective than translating solo and can explain certain aspects that cannot be found in the dictionary. I would recommend these classes to anyone wanting to develop a useful
vocabulary and reading and writing skills.


Harry Tjandra - Mandarin Advanced

After a long hiatus from studying Mandarin, I decided to continue where I left off.

The advanced mandarin course by Macquarie University delivers a refreshingly different approach to learning Mandarin.
I was pleasantly surprised by the flexibility that this course offers.

It is very open to feedback from students and adjusts appropriately to meet their needs.


Simon Marks-Isaacs - Mandarin 1-4

Franny is a very good teacher, I really appreciate her help and enjoy the Mandarin courses!

Business executive

Jeffrey Wong - Mandarin 1-8

Jeffrey Wong - Mandarin 1-8

I would recommend Macquarie Mandarin to anyone wishing to study Chinese. I started at Macquarie 2 years ago as totally beginner in Mandarin and now I am able to use the skills I have learnt when travelling to China for both work and pleasure. My language skills have improved through the great teachers and course structure. The classes are informal and flexible yet professional and focused. Highly recommended for anyone at any stage in their studies.

Director, Barros Laboratories Pty Ltd

Henry Liu - Business Mandarin Advanced

Henry Liu - Business Mandarin Advanced

With a solid grasp of the foundations of Mandarin, I have long wished to improve my Mandarin further for use in a business context. I believe that being able to engage in a meaningful business discussion in Mandarin is an important skill, and a necessary one, in the upcoming ‘Asian Century’.

Having studied at Macquarie Mandarin under Temple, I can confidently say that my Mandarin has improved dramatically. The Business Mandarin courses are well prepared, commercially relevant and highly engaging. The difficulty of the classes are pitched at the perfect level and I am able to increase my understanding of Mandarin vocabulary, grammar and sentence structure every lesson without feeling like I cannot keep up.

I strongly recommend Temple and Macquarie Mandarin.

Lawyer, Ashurst

Karen Fisher -  Mandarin Advanced

Karen Fisher - Mandarin Advanced

Having an opportunity each week to inverse myself in two hours of Chinese speaking, listening, reading and writing manes I can continue to improve my language skills, even when I am busy with work and family.

Associate professor, Social Policy Research Centre UNSW


Harry Hu - Business Mandarin Advanced

Harry Hu - Business Mandarin Advanced

I have taken Advanced Business Mandarin for over half a year with remarkable results. The course has helped me substantially improve my speaking and grammar, but most notable is confidence in presentation. I have presented in a business teleconference in Mandarin attended by Chinese media, something I never expected I could do in such a short timeframe or thought feasible prior to joining. I am now going to Hong Kong to take up a full time position. Temple is flexible in her teaching approach and listens to our feedback. One example is introducing short presentations/debates during class. I believe she is a responsible teacher that cares about your learning needs. If you want Mandarin to take your career to the next level, this is the place to help you get there.

Business manager

Anne Chang – Children's Mandarin

Anne Chang – Children's Mandarin

Learning a new language is a long term commitment, and sticking with it requires dedication on everyone’s part, both children and parents.

I’m pleased with with the steady progress my children have made at Macquarie Mandarin learning Mandarin as well as learning about Chinese culture, which is also important.

Mother of Zac & Kaitlyn Francis

Anika Popovic – Children's Mandarin

Anika Popovic – Children's Mandarin

My name is Anika Popovic. I am 12 years old and have been a student at Macquarie Mandarin for two and half years. Every Saturday, I travel to the city, ready for two hours of Chinese study. My teacher focuses on one topic for about two lessons, first telling us the English meaning. After that, she writes the Pinyin which helps us pronounce the words and, finally, it’s written in Chinese characters. To make sure we learn everything, we write everything into our exercise books, then we do some speaking exercises to get the proper pronunciation. Sometimes, we have a bit of fun with what we have learnt that lesson.

I believe I will be able to have a proper conversation with a native speaker soon. I love being a student at Macquarie Mandarin because I learn so much of the language spoken by a billion people in the world.

Year 9 student

Nicholas Eshun-Wilson – Children's Mandarin

Nicholas Eshun-Wilson – Children's Mandarin

I really like this school. The teachers are amazing, the school itself is amazing, the food in the school vendor is delicious! Each time I come here I learn something new, learning new characters and learning how to type Chinese on computer!

我很喜欢这个学校,这儿的老师很好。学校vending machine的零食很好吃。每次,我来这儿都学了很多东西。

Year 7 student

Alexander Eshun-Wilson – Children's Mandarin

Alexander Eshun-Wilson – Children's Mandarin


Year 5 student

Thomas Eshun-Wilson  – Children's Mandarin

Thomas Eshun-Wilson – Children's Mandarin

I am extremely grateful that Macquarie is able to help my boys master Mandarin. The intensity and personalisation of the course makes our regular flights from Queensland to Sydney for attendance so worthwhile.

When they start working in this Asian century of ours, the return on this investment will be immeasurable.

Father of Nicholas & Alexander Eshun-Wilson



I’m very glad that my son started going to Macquarie Mandarin. He is always excited to go this school to learn Chinese. The teacher makes a great effort keeping the kids engaged in learning new Chinese words.

I would like my son to keep going to this school so he can learn to have proper conversations using Mandarin.

Father of Xavier Yung