Frequently Asked Questions


How do I enrol?

You can enrol over the phone or by email. Call our Office on 02 8228 3022 or contact Macquarie Mandarin Manager, Ms Temple Xin, on 0414 436 435 or

Alternatively, you can make an enrolment enquiry through our website ( Go to “Contact Us” and complete the Enquiry Form.

I’m not a beginner. What course should I enrol in?

Phone our Office on 02 8228 3022 for a brief assessment of your language level. We will then provide a free trial lesson, after which the teacher will give you feedback and let you know which course is most suitable for you.

What is a free trial lesson and who is eligible?

Free trial lessons are offered to students who are not beginners in order to determine which course is most suitable for them. All children will be offered a free trial lesson regardless of their proficiency in Mandarin.

You may attend additional trial lessons subject to payment of the relevant lesson fee.

 Can I transfer to another class?

You can transfer to another class subject to availability in the current term and with the permission of our Office.

If I miss out on a lesson, can I attend a catch-up lesson?

You can attend a catch-up lesson subject to availability in the current term and with the permission of your teacher or our Office.

How many catch-up lessons can I attend?

You can attend as many lessons as you have paid for subject to availability in the current term and with the permission of your teacher or our Office.

Can I credit missed lessons to the next term?

You can credit missed lessons to the following term only. However, you need to give notice of your absence to your teacher or our Office and get approval. Crediting lessons to the following term will incur a fee equivalent to the fee for one lesson.

 Can I obtain a refund after the course starts?

No. We do not provide refunds after courses start.

How much does private tuition cost?

Rates vary. Contact us for details.

As a beginner, will I be learning Chinese characters?

Learning to write and read characters is optional in our Beginner and Elementary Courses. At these levels, we focus on everyday speaking and listening skills.

 Do I need to buy my own textbook?

You need to buy your own textbook unless you are enrolled in an Advanced Course with course material provided by Macquarie Mandarin. You can purchase your course textbook at one of our recommended bookshops at a discount (Abbey’s Bookshop or China Books).

Can I get a Certificate of Attendance?

You can obtain a Certificate of Attendance from your teacher. To qualify, you must attend 70% or more of a Business Mandarin Course or 80% or more of one of our other courses. We do not provide Certificates of Attendance unless requested.

Can I stay in a Children’s Mandarin class if my child or children are attending a trial lesson?

You may be permitted to stay in class for the first 15 minutes only, but you must leave after that time.

Can I bring food or drink to a class?

Bottled water is permitted in class. However, food is not permitted in class. Children may bring water and snacks to class but may only consume them during class breaks. We provide tea and coffee for other students before class and during class breaks.

How do I get to Macquarie Mandarin?

We are conveniently located at 225 Clarence Street in the heart of the Sydney CBD, just a short walk from Town Hall Station.