Brisbane Staff Profiles

Gloria Gao

Gloria Gao

Gloria is a native speaker from Beijing, China. She has several years of experience teaching Chinese to adults and children in Beijing. Currently she has relocated and started teaching mandarin in Brisbane.

Gloria has a Bachelor of Communication degree from the University of Queensland and is currently undertaking her Masters degree in Interaction Design at the University of Queensland.

Teaching is about exploring, sharing and excitement. –Gloria

Yina Peng

Yina is a native Mandarin speaker from Gansu province, an area well known for its diverse landscapes such as the Gobi Desert. She has extensive experience teaching English in Kunming and also taught Chinese to a high school class for an internship.

Yina has a Bachelor Degree in Chinese Language and Literature from Northwest Normal University. She further obtained her Master Degree in Linguistics (TESOL) at Hofstra University.

With international experience studying and living in New York, I strongly believe that learning another language and understanding new cultures is the key for us to become more intelligent. – Yina